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Firewood & Seasoned Logs

Large builders bag of seasoned firewood logs (3 Barrow Bags)

free delivery within 10 miles of kingswinford.

£75 per bag inc free delivery

We supply high quality seasoned firewood, all our wood is well seasoned with a moisture content of around 20%. Since our wood comes from our tree surgery business it is made up of a great variety of species, it will be around 70-80% hardwood. We sell either in bulk bags, vented barrow bags, net sacks & bulk load delivered right to your log store. Prices include free delivery within 10 miles Kingswinford / Stourbridge and surrounding area.

Barrow Bag 45x45x90cm  x 1

£30 per bag + £5 deposit if you require to keep bag.

There is approximately 3 barrow bags to a large builders bag

There is a £5.00 deposit on our Vented barrow bags, which will be refunded on return of the undamaged bag.

Please Call us on 01384 346668 or 07739755111 to discuss your firewood requirements.

45cm x 60cm log nets Approximately 10 logs per net

£3.50 per net minimum order of 10 nets for free delivery.

Large bulk load of seasoned firewood logs approximately 3 builders bags or 9 Barrow Bags.

free delivery within 10 miles of kingswinford.

£180 inc free delivery

Please note: All our prices include delivery right to your log store and not just tipped on your drive!

High Quality Seasoned Firewood Logs with Free delivery within 10 miles of Kingswinford and surrounding areas.

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Tel: 01384  346668

Mob: 07739  755111


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